Which trend is on it's way out?

Interior design and flooring trends are similar to all other industries, in that trends go out of style almost as fast as they come in, which is why one of our top priorities at CS4 is to help you create a timeless space.

So which trend do we predict is on it's way out?

Copper Accessories

Now we're not saying that copper can't be used tastefully in a home, because real copper fixtures, such as a classic copper sink, will always be in style, but the fake copper home accents that we've seen a lot of in the industry lately don't do real copper any justice.

Our advice: choose your copper wisely when you use it in your home, opting for either classic, timeless fixtures or less permanent design pieces that you won't be sad to see go once this trend has ran it's course.

Like any trend that hasn't stood the test of time, make sure your trendy accents are ones you'll be okay with updating/changing, because just like with rose gold in the jewelry industry, you'd hate to be the unlucky woman setting aside her expensive rose gold jewelry once she tires of the trend.


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