Home Improvement Projects for Winter

You may not traditionally think of winter time as the primary season for home improvement, but there's still plenty to do to pass the time you'll be spending indoors these next few months!  Here's our top 6 projects for you to tackle this winter!

1. Update your rugs - New rugs can make an entire room feel refreshed!
2.  Decluter - Who says spring cleaning is just for the spring? Do one room at a time, whenever you're feeling stir-crazy this winter!
3.  Update your fixtures - Do you bathroom fixtures need updating? This small change can go a long way.
4.  Add insulation - We think this is a good idea no matter what season it is. Plus, you'll save on your heat bill!
5.  Update your backsplash - A trendy backsplash can really help accessorize and emphasize your countertops, cabinets and appliances.
6.  New floors - We do flooring installation year round, and for some people, it works better to tackle their flooring needs during the winter months when they are less busy!

With all of these projects done, you'll be able to tackle your larger home improvement projects in the Spring!


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