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Carpet Tiles - For a Trendy, Modern Look!

If you're looking for trendy flooring that is easy to maintain, carpet tiles may be just what you're looking for!

Community Donations

Community is everything. We like to think of the communities we serve as extended members of our families, and for that reason, we take pride in being able to give back a little. We recently donated rugs and carpet tiles to a school and day cares throughout Wisconsin.

Game: Word Association for Design Styles

During a word association game or session, one is given a word and immediately connects other words to it. It helps gives insight into a person's true perspective or view of the given word. Since I love design, I thought it might be fun to do a word association game with design styles. Try it yourself!

Home Improvement Projects for Winter

You may not traditionally think of winter time as the primary season for home improvement, but there's still plenty to do to pass the time you'll be spending indoors these next few months!

Shaw's 2017 Color of the Year: Lush

Let’s talk about Shaw’s 2017 color of the year: Lush.  Inspired by a desire for renewal, health, and organic charm, lush is described as an array of natural greens.

Subway Tiles - The Trend that Keeps on Trending!

Subway tiles! Yes, subway tiles. Whether it be in subways or homes, this particular trend hasn’t vanished yet. They look great in both kitchens and bathrooms, and seem to match any style.

Top 5 Fall Home Improvement Projects

The leaves and weather are changing, so why not take advantage of the beautiful Fall weather to make a change to your home as well?

Trend Alert! - Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl has been a highly talked about product recently in the flooring industry. People want to know the color trends, benefits and quality of the product, the different types of luxury vinyl, and if its right for their home or business.

Which trend is on it's way out?

Interior design and flooring trends are similar to all other industries, in that trends go out of style almost as fast as they come in, which is why one of our top priorities at CS4 is to help you create a timeless space.