1. What's popular and what's a common trend right now? 
Luxury Vinyl Tile is very popular right now. Due to the amount of styles that are available, gives you the look of ceramic and wood without the high price and maintenance. 
2. What don't you like about your carpet now? 
Carpet over time can have a matted look. Staining and wear patterns in carpet. When you come home from a long day at work and there is a giant stain in your carpet, it can really influence your mood. 
3. What kind of services do you offer?

We offer free estimates, furniture removal, interior design expertise, carpet disposal, carpet repair
4. How much can I expect to spend on flooring?

A person can expect to pay $19.99 a square yard to $40 a square yard installed. It really depends on how you long you want to live in your house and the size of the house. What kind performance are you looking for in the carpet? Durability, Staining, Color, Longevity, Patterns. 
5. What is your timeline for installation?

This process could take 2-8 week depending on availability. The carpet is shipped to us from the national carpet mill, and then we schedule an installation with you. Do you have stairs? Are we removing flooring? We will then evaluate the job and determine how many days it may take for the actual install. 


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